Homemade coffee scrub.



Homemade coffee scrub.

It was winter in Paris last year when a friend of mine and I stopped in the middle of this mall. A woman was making a presentation on how to make your own beauty products. Well I always felt like I was broke back in France so we stopped and we learned how to make an awesome scrub with stuff you find in your kitchen.

The other day at the farm with Rekha, I decided to try a super simple version of that scrub. It was even better with Australian’s obsession for coffee, seeing how we had a coffee bean grinder here.

I kept the fresh coffee dregs,

added a tablespoon of brown sugar,

and soaked the whole thing in olive oil.


It was missing the essential oils I was taught to do it with originally, but honestly the coffee and the oil are more than enough and it keeps your skin moisturized for at least 3 days. You can even use it on your face.

Hope you love that recipe as much as we dooooo!



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